Mobile Ultrasound Services

AMX offers a full range of Mobile Diagnostic Ultrasound Services throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  On a scheduled basis we perform General Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Vascular, Arterial & Venous Doppler Services right at the patient’s bedside. Preliminary results are left at the nurses’


Mobile Cardiac Services

AMX uses the most advanced Digital Holter Monitors and EKG Machines.  Our equipment is designed to provide consistent and accurate results. A qualified technician will attach a lightweight monitor to the patient which will remain in place for 24 hours of continuous recording.  After 24 hours our technician will


Mobile X-Ray For Correctional Facilities

Our services allow correctional facilities on-site diagnostic testing for inmates thereby reducing your security risk. On-site testing lessens the need for additional staff and guards to transport inmates to an external facility. Contact us today by calling 513-741-1600 to learn how we can provide you


Mobile X-Ray For Home Healthcare

Our Mobile X-Ray Services include the ability for our X-Ray technicians to complete X-Rays, EKG, Holter Monitoring, and Ultrasound Services in the comfort of the patient’s home.  

Mobile X-Ray for Nursing Homes

Mobile X-Ray for Nursing Homes and Assisted-Living Facilities

Our services allow long-term care/assisted living and homebound patients to remain in the comfort of the residence, avoiding the costly expense of ambulance transport and the added stress commonly associated with moving geriatric patients from their familiar surroundings.


Mobile X-Ray for Occupational and Industrial

Industrial and occupational facilities will benefit from our on-site services which results in less employee downtime and loss of work production allowing them to return to work in a timely manner. We also provide x-ray copy services to attorneys, hospitals, medical facilities and physicians, at very



AMX provides high-quality bedside X-Rays, EKG’s, Holter Monitoring, and Ultrasound Services.  These services are developed especially for nursing homes, personal care homes, patient’s homes, hospitals, medical centers and in other facilities in need throughout Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.

Our purpose is to offer extended care facilities with all the advantages of an in-house x-ray department without incurring the costly overhead of maintaining such an operation. In doing so, our concept for success is safety, convenience, reliability and expediency.

Our Mobile X-Ray Company can meet and exceed the expectations and needs of your facility, or company providing advanced diagnostic services that other Mobile X-Ray Companies do not offer. For instance we offer advanced digital imaging. How can this service help you?

Digital Imaging

View your films and reports online! Digital imaging refers to the electronic capture, manipulation and storage of radiology images. Digital images can be stored indefinitely, thereby allowing ease of access for the physician to track the patient’s history. Images can be retrieved, evaluated and stored continuously without degradation in quality. Physicians can manipulate digital images in ways never before possible. You and you referring physicians can now have unlimited access to these images from your facility, physician’s office, IPad, Smartphone, and even from home. Exams, as well as results, are available for viewing online within hours of the initial order.